“Must’s” imposed by society, Darwin, Freud

©Anatomy Art By MimiPrints

must become strong
a better person
have a diploma
find a job
divergent= deviation
9-5 job, get a job
study hard to get a job
money to survive
money to thrive

Yet there are so many people in our world.
Yet there are so many worlds within our world.
So many worlds that our world seems too small for all those infinite worlds within.

It sometimes feels like Darwin’s evolution theory. Survival of the fittest in a way.

In the past & the present (and in the future) Darwin’s theory has been (will be) interpreted in so many ways and here  I am, interpreting it once again with my own thoughts.
Where does this urge to become a better version of myself come from?
But then we could start with Freudian “me, myself & I” if we start talking about “me” as an entity.

It is true that we are attracted to people with whom we are supposed to have genetically better adapted children.
So isn’t that survival of the fittest?
So is this urge also a way of trying to survive this new era?

Is it our genetics that is trying to overcome the natural selection?Of is it something more psychological and individual? Is it perhaps me trying to find I ?

If we are genetically encoded to enhance ourself, is procrastination and other defaults human flaw?

OR maybe sometimes, just sometimes we are better off walking our own unbeaten path.