How dreams turn into goals, choices & priorities..

Many goals, dreams, hopes. Tons of aspiration. Some procrastination. Tiny budget. Time to cut off things? 
Why can it be so hard sometime to determine the worth-it’s from the not-so-worth-it’s (run away as fast as you can-deals)?

♦This heavy burden of hopes and dreams and goals even. I don’t feel light weighted knowing all the things I want to do during my lifetime. It just buries me deeper in my aspirations. ♦

Travel. Good grades. Learn how to swim like a pro. Pay for it.
Get your driving licence. Pay for it out of your own pocket.
Buy a bicycle because you have always wanted to own a bicycle.
But where would you put it on your already crammed third floor apartment?
Is is worth that hundreds of euros? To eventually have a bicycle to ride once in a while, when the sun chooses to appear and when free time sips in?
Cause let’s get real: how often do you plan on riding your bike? It’s not like you’re gonna go to school on it. So, scratch that deal off the list. One day when you have enough money and enough space to home a bicycle, go buy a bicycle. But now  is not the time of the “bicycle – dream”. Now let’s get to the driving licence part of the bargain.
This is an important skill you should definitely acquire. Now. Pronto. Invest. Invest. Invest. If you have money you can spare, working on your condition is not that bad an idea. Keep that swimming lessons thought in mind. And good grades? They don’t grow on trees. You reap what you sow. So put the necessary effort.
As for travel, don’t plan thousand and one things you can’t maintain. Plan one thing. And make that thing a reality.

Dreams need to become reality. One step at a time. 

But eventually it’s not just about “want” and “need”. It’s about priority/ priorities. 
Prioritizing things in your life. And that can be different for each person. What is important for you, might be unnecessary for another. This doesn’t mean one is right or wrong in his or her way of living life.  Because the truth is, life is all about choices! And choice also means loss.  In order to gain something you might end up loosing another possible choice. So be smart and be brave and choose.  And most importantly don’t falter and don’t linger choice-less.
And one more thing, don’t make your “now is not the right time for …” excuse more than needed. Cause truth be told, the “right time” may never show up and only keep you waiting.