Be kind. To yourself. To others.

We make mistakes, we fall. We misunderstand. We are misunderstood. Heck, we don’t even understand. Nor ourself nor others. We overreact. We exaggerate. We feel hurt. And we hurt back. We are caught up in the moment. We don’t see it clearly anymore. Maybe things are just blurred by those tears falling down our cheek. Blurred by those feelings of being shattered. (Once again.) And while all this concatenation of stuff is happening, reason is not our best friend. Future consequences don’t exist. No one else matters while we try to pick up the pieces and mend ourself. And at the end, all that is left behind is: guilt, remorse, awkwardness, uncertainty & change. Relationships have changed. We can’t go back and there is no way back. We don’t even know where we would go back to. We no longer feel the comfort in that relationship. We are left with doubts. About everything. About the future.

Afterwards nothing is quite the same anymore. We realize that soon enough.
Unfortunately. We might be left feeling guilty for the whole situation. As if we have no one to blame but ourself. We might talk ourself into believing this. And we might talk ourself into feeling guilty. Or we might blame others. 

♦But please let us be kind. Be kind to ourself. And be kind to others.♦

We might have made a mistake or many mistakes. But we can’t continue living consumed with guilt or anger. We can’t continue playing the blame game. We need to learn our lessons & we need to forgive ourself. And we need to forgive others. Most importantly we need to grow. Keep on growing & moving forward. Don’t stay stuck in that uncertain moment. Move forward. Be happy. Explore. Perfection doesn’t exist and we are far from being perfect. We too deserve a second chance. We too deserve to be happy again.