Harry Potter 20+ years & I open at the close

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J.K. Rowling. The name hold so much significance to so many around the world. I am one of those many: for me too she has a special place in my heart. Though it wasn’t until 2007 that I got to enter Hogwarts and share these amazing experiences. I count Harry Potter among one of the first book series/ sagas that made me realize my hunger to devour books. I remember reading it till late at night . I remember crying for weeks out of sadness when I finished the last chapter of the last book. And then rereading it all over again. Multiple start over’s of the story, because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet. I am sure you’ll find extremer Potterheads out there, I don’t quite belong in that domain fully. But Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood! 

And I am extremely thankful to J.K. Rowling for that . Thank you for your perseverance & for your stamina. For never giving up on the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry, without which many wouldn’t be the person they are today.

♦Thank you for always finding the light in the darkest of times to continue writing these amazing stories.♦

Who would have imagined the bestsellers, she certainly didn’t.  You might all know how she was rejected big time while trying to publish The Philosopher’s Stone. Imagine she had given up on the one thing that she enjoyed the most: writing. The world would have definitely lost a wonderful brilliant timeless epic. For young and old as it is ageless. 
If she hadn’t kept on going, she wouldn’t have been the bestseller author she is today. 
So in a way this makes me realize how things have a way of demystifying themselves at the end.  How all the events throughout your life seems to justify themselves at a point in some sort of way. Fit the puzzle. Just as the snitch bears I open at the closeI believe you need to hold on until the end. Definitely hold on to dear life if it is something you really want to achieve. And keep on working on it. Because you won’t know what “would have been” if you had given up at the very beginning. And foremost, isn’t it nicer to know at the close than wonder “what would have been if…” ? 







Continued: Magie irlandaise by Nora Roberts

© Watercolor “Round tower Ardmore county, Waterford”, Keith Thompson

I finished it. 1053 pages = omnibus “Magie irlandaise” 

2. Les larmes de la lune (Brenna & Shawn-story)
3. Le cœur de la mer (Darcy & Trevor-story)

Wow, this really gets me interested to research Ireland, its folklore, its scenery, its everything.
All the movies with Irish settings, portray the land as being magical.
Simple. Mundane. Full of serenity.
This book did the exact same.
It was magical.
Well obviously been a romance, it was all lovey-dovey with a stereotypical plot.
“Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. But there are some issues. That they have to overcome. But it all ends well. “

Though, the characters really were interesting! Even perfect in some way?
Well at least, they seemed perfect to me, with all their defaults.
And the red thread of Gwen & Carrick throughout the stories really did the trick.
We all know that eternal love exists. All you have to do is, look at those “eternal, love will never fade, until the death do us apart”-couples.
But than again, not everyone is getting their fairy tale ending.
How is that determined anyway? How, who, why?
mm some are lucky, others overcome many obstacles and hold on to their loved one…
But sometimes love simply doesn’t last. It’s complicated. 

But these novels being “romance”: all the couples in this trilogy of Nora Roberts are “love for life, once married”, “until the death do us apart” & “so perfect for each other”.
No wonder that it leaves one wondering.

But there is so much more than love.

– Ardmore, home-feeling –> “Home is where your heart is” 
– Roots: Do they matter and/or determine you as a person?
– Traditions & ancestry: Should one hold on to the past? Should one embrace the future? The change? 
Travel: Dare one take more risks?
Ambitions (or the lack of… ): Should one stop being afraid and pursue?
Importance of that close circle of friends & family : How to love them unconditionally?   
Scenery + tourists: One should appreciate the things they have, the mundane existence while it exists… Because “All good things come to an end”- Nelly Furtado 
Magic + legends + myths + fairy tales : should one believe in this all? 
– Destiny + guidance by some unknown force
– Feelings, all over the place
– Business, strong head 
– A lot of personality. Strong characters!!!!
    –> “Can I have some of your strong personality and mold it to fit mine?” 


Ireland is definitely worth a visit someday. One day.
In that aspect, I do feel like Darcy Gallagher.
All those places waiting to be explored. 

Magie irlandaise -Nora Roberts (omnibus)

Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy- read in French 

1) Les joyaux du soleil (Jewels of the sun)

I just finished reading this story a few days ago.
And this is totally what I mean by simplicity!
Jude Francis Murray, in need of a break from her life in Chicago, goes to Ireland.
To live in a cottage on top of a hill. Surrounded by magic, life, hope, love.
Fairytales and mundane life intersect.
Eventually she realizes that she needs nothing more.
She has found herself again, in that cottage in that tiny village.
Where she can do the things she enjoys.
Where she feels happy and has found that peace and that serenity with herself.


Is it possible for everyone to find that kind of happiness in the simpelest life?
Sometimes, I get the feeling we’re so busy all the time, that we’re barely living life.
We’re just chasing after things. One after the another.
And sometimes we just forget to take a deep breath and just be, for a while.
How impossible it has become to just “be” with yourself, without any nuissance, whether it be the television or facebook messenger…
Is this why people recommend medidating every day?
To train your brain, to let go… to just “be”? To exist?

But it is true, that happiness doesn’t alway come with grand actions.
Foremost, it is the simple things in life that count the most.

Just like in this story by Nora Roberts.
As a matter of fact, this is one of the first stories I have read of her.
I read it in French, so may be some of it’s magic got lost in  translation for me (since my French still needs a lot of “mending”).
But yet I quite enjoyed reading it. And in the near future, I will be continuing with:
2) Les larmes de la lune ( Tears of the moon) 
3) Le coeur de la mer (Heart of the sea)