Why kill curiosity at its birth while you can create a bridge?

How often did you wonder about something? A question that just popped up in your head… An answer you clearly didn’t know. But you wondered. And sometimes you kept on wondering. I know I do. Being a very average person, I too am prone to procrastination and furthermore to forgetting. So, in a way I had an abortion. I killed the curiosity in me at its birth. I sometimes even nipped it in the bud by giving it little to no genuine attention.

Of course sometimes you search it up and you know. But for me that’s not often the case, most of the time I simply forget. Recently I had been wondering how ballons were made and I still don’t know the answer to it. 

It’s about time I went looking for the answers to my questions. How else will I know, right? How else will I create the bridge to “the wiser me” ? 


Author: Comet

A place to share my thoughts, my everyday adventures/ stories. Also book reviews and film reviews. And definitely a “Quote”-once in a while…

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