Chunks of soul left behind

Revisiting places evokes old faded memories in me. Some are bittersweet, others best left forgotten. Some I had totally forgotten about only to realize that they aren’t forgotten at all. May be we just tend to put some memories in a box until we reopen it one day.

No matter what, memories they remain. A present that might still exist somewhere in some dimension. But long gone and ungraspable in this reality. How things were and how they no longer are the same. 

This reality evermore points out how everything is and remains momentary. And time lapse becomes a fact. A truth. 

It makes me realize the importance of now.  And to live it to the fullest! Makes me appreciate every second, every minute. Because eventually I am merely a book and every single day of my life a page turned over. 

During my travel I left a chunk of my soul behind. But I also left a little richer with a crate full of priceless memories and lessons learned. 

So until we are reunited with those specific chunks of our souls left behind, let the adventures of our lives continue. Let’s keep shedding chunks of our souls and gaining new precious memories. Xx 


Author: Comet

A place to share my thoughts, my everyday adventures/ stories. Also book reviews and film reviews. And definitely a “Quote”-once in a while…

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