Catharsis: real or figment of our own imagination?

©Defective Barbie, The Drip Effect 

We all have things we had to let go. Let it lose. Let it fly. Let it spread its wings.


Sometimes it’s easy to let go. Sometimes it’s hard.

But most of the times: we crave catharsis.

Definition according to Oxford dictionary. 

Catharsis = “The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.”

There you have it… 

Our proper needed closure.
In order for us to be “okay” once more we need closure. We need to release. We need to let go. We need to let it fly.
But what does closure look like? I guess nobody has an answer to that.
And also, my definition of closure might be totally different from you definition of closure.
In that case when do we reach closure?
Does it only matter to us individually?
When we go through rough time with a certain person, very often pain overtakes and we tend to think ONLY of ourself, we loose vision of the other individual, of their pain.
Here only our own catharsis matters. We care less about other individual’s healing process.  But what about the other individual’s catharsis? Aren’t we responsible for their catharsis as well? (Especially if the painful history involved both of you.)
And I am using the word responsible because you are definitely going to be the person who can ensue some catharsis… whether it be by talking things over and over again or something else. 

And what about the times when you thought you had achieved that catharsis and a few days/ weeks later you are back to zero… Catharsis gone. 

What if catharsis is nothing more but a figment of our imagination… 

Created our of fear for karma or morality…

Maybe we can never fully reach that point of catharsis. We only grasp its shadows and believe it to be real.


Author: Comet

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