You reap what you sow…

Watercolor ©2014-2017 rukiarulez2076

You can’t clean your house once and expect it to stay clean forever.
Clean house = daily effort.

Just like cleaning your house is a routine, so should blogging/ writing be.
A daily habit. A commitment to myself and my aspirations.
I haven’t posted anything the past few weeks.
And I have a reason for it too! It’s once again “finals”.  Whether my reasons are valid enough, that’s up to you readers. I have my own doubt whether it’s legit or not.
But yeah, end of the second semester = those dreaded exams to test your knowledge…
But I have enjoyed my courses this semester, it has been quite a rollercoaster.
We discussed American realism with authors such as Mark Twain, Henry James, Booker T. Washington etc. Only 7 authors in total and a work of each. But it really was a journey through America of that era.

AND the heat outside is unbearable. Who would have thought that this summer (in Brussels) we would have so many hot, hot, hot days in a row? I didn’t.  
So yes, I have been working hard, procrastinating at times, feeling depressed (in a very minor way of course), asking myself many philosophical questions about life and reason and purpose, browsing through internet researching all those awesome travel destinations. Mainly studying.

But one thing I haven’t done at all. I haven’t updated my writings.
And in a way, this is me realizing my mistake. My lack of commitment to my dreams, goals and aspirations.

You reap what you sow. A highly known proverb.
I am sowing for good results but I forgot to sow for my writings.  Without sowing, how can I reap (no matter the worth of the harvest)?
And lack of discipline surely played a part.  So, in my pursuit of growth, happiness, enrichment, fulfilment I need to find that daily discipline. And commit myself to it.

I need to start sowing.  And I need to keep sowing. Daily.


Author: Comet

A place to share my thoughts, my everyday adventures/ stories. Also book reviews and film reviews. And definitely a “Quote”-once in a while…

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