Continued: Magie irlandaise by Nora Roberts

© Watercolor “Round tower Ardmore county, Waterford”, Keith Thompson

I finished it. 1053 pages = omnibus “Magie irlandaise” 

2. Les larmes de la lune (Brenna & Shawn-story)
3. Le cœur de la mer (Darcy & Trevor-story)

Wow, this really gets me interested to research Ireland, its folklore, its scenery, its everything.
All the movies with Irish settings, portray the land as being magical.
Simple. Mundane. Full of serenity.
This book did the exact same.
It was magical.
Well obviously been a romance, it was all lovey-dovey with a stereotypical plot.
“Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. But there are some issues. That they have to overcome. But it all ends well. “

Though, the characters really were interesting! Even perfect in some way?
Well at least, they seemed perfect to me, with all their defaults.
And the red thread of Gwen & Carrick throughout the stories really did the trick.
We all know that eternal love exists. All you have to do is, look at those “eternal, love will never fade, until the death do us apart”-couples.
But than again, not everyone is getting their fairy tale ending.
How is that determined anyway? How, who, why?
mm some are lucky, others overcome many obstacles and hold on to their loved one…
But sometimes love simply doesn’t last. It’s complicated. 

But these novels being “romance”: all the couples in this trilogy of Nora Roberts are “love for life, once married”, “until the death do us apart” & “so perfect for each other”.
No wonder that it leaves one wondering.

But there is so much more than love.

– Ardmore, home-feeling –> “Home is where your heart is” 
– Roots: Do they matter and/or determine you as a person?
– Traditions & ancestry: Should one hold on to the past? Should one embrace the future? The change? 
Travel: Dare one take more risks?
Ambitions (or the lack of… ): Should one stop being afraid and pursue?
Importance of that close circle of friends & family : How to love them unconditionally?   
Scenery + tourists: One should appreciate the things they have, the mundane existence while it exists… Because “All good things come to an end”- Nelly Furtado 
Magic + legends + myths + fairy tales : should one believe in this all? 
– Destiny + guidance by some unknown force
– Feelings, all over the place
– Business, strong head 
– A lot of personality. Strong characters!!!!
    –> “Can I have some of your strong personality and mold it to fit mine?” 


Ireland is definitely worth a visit someday. One day.
In that aspect, I do feel like Darcy Gallagher.
All those places waiting to be explored. 


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