You carry two bags throughout your life

This is something I recently heard.
That particular person told me:

You carry the load of two bags with you.

“The one is black. It is heavy while you carry it on your back.
It contains all your stories you better leave behind.
All the heartaches, misunderstandings, bad experiences.
All the things you’re better off without.
So don’t look back! And don’t reminisce pain or insecurities.”

“The other bag, you carry in front of you, it’s white and light.
Fill it with the good memory, the simple happiness.
Fill it with all the love, for yourself, for others.
Also the love other people feel for you.
Fill it with all those good things in life you can think of.
And keep looking ahead. Always.”

That easily said than done. How can one forget it all?
“Forget” isn’t quite the term though.
How can one learn from it and move on, without any bitterness?
That’s a tough question.
But one thing is sure.
We won’t know until we try.
Until we try to move on and get going.

While we look forward with our heads held high…


Author: Comet

A place to share my thoughts, my everyday adventures/ stories. Also book reviews and film reviews. And definitely a “Quote”-once in a while…

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