Magie irlandaise -Nora Roberts (omnibus)

Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy- read in French 

1) Les joyaux du soleil (Jewels of the sun)

I just finished reading this story a few days ago.
And this is totally what I mean by simplicity!
Jude Francis Murray, in need of a break from her life in Chicago, goes to Ireland.
To live in a cottage on top of a hill. Surrounded by magic, life, hope, love.
Fairytales and mundane life intersect.
Eventually she realizes that she needs nothing more.
She has found herself again, in that cottage in that tiny village.
Where she can do the things she enjoys.
Where she feels happy and has found that peace and that serenity with herself.


Is it possible for everyone to find that kind of happiness in the simpelest life?
Sometimes, I get the feeling we’re so busy all the time, that we’re barely living life.
We’re just chasing after things. One after the another.
And sometimes we just forget to take a deep breath and just be, for a while.
How impossible it has become to just “be” with yourself, without any nuissance, whether it be the television or facebook messenger…
Is this why people recommend medidating every day?
To train your brain, to let go… to just “be”? To exist?

But it is true, that happiness doesn’t alway come with grand actions.
Foremost, it is the simple things in life that count the most.

Just like in this story by Nora Roberts.
As a matter of fact, this is one of the first stories I have read of her.
I read it in French, so may be some of it’s magic got lost in  translation for me (since my French still needs a lot of “mending”).
But yet I quite enjoyed reading it. And in the near future, I will be continuing with:
2) Les larmes de la lune ( Tears of the moon) 
3) Le coeur de la mer (Heart of the sea)


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